Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Hearing Loss

Halloween can be a whole bunch of fun when you play it safe. To help you get ready for a sweet Halloween, we have a list of safety tips for hearing impaired trick-or-treaters. Follow our four guidelines so that everyone can focus on treats this holiday.

  1. Pick a costume with no mask: A mask can really impede your hearing as well as your vision. Don’t make things harder on yourself. Plus, there are plenty of costumes available that still help you disguise yourself without a mask. Look at alternative options like makeup or even a hat. If you really want to wear a mask, compromise with just an eye mask that won’t cover your ears and make it harder for you to hear.
  2. Ask for help: You should never hide your hearing loss from friends or family; this is especially the case for Halloween. Your friends will be able to help you stay safe while trick-or-treating or doing other fun Halloween activities.
  3. Check your hearing aid batteries: Before heading out for some Halloween fun, be sure that you check your hearing aid batteries. If you wear hearing aids, you will want them to work optimally through all your Halloween festivities and not miss out due to the lack of a charged battery.
  4. Halloween party tips: If you are attending a Halloween party, we have a few party tips that work for any party or get together. Try these ideas:
    • Stay away from the speakers or any source of loud music.
    • Look for an area that is well lit so you can see who is speaking to you.
    • Choose a quiet area to hang out so that you can hear better.

Many general Halloween safety tips apply to everyone, hearing impaired or not. Keep these Halloween safety tips for trick-or-treating from SafeKds.org in mind while you are out this Halloween.

  • Trick-or-treaters should be especially careful crossing the streets, look both ways, and use extreme caution. This applies even in driveways and parking lots.
  • Put away phones and electronics so that you can pay attention to your surroundings. (Plus, living in the moment will help you enjoy Halloween better anyhow.)
  • Younger kids should be accompanied by an adult while older kids should stay with a buddy or a group.
  • Wear bright costumes and/or reflective tape and bring a flashlight.
  • Stay in the neighborhoods you know and pick a route familiar to you.
  • Don’t eat any candy or treats until you get home.

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