Halloween Tips for Healthy Ears

Halloween night can be a fantastic night of the year. It’s a great excuse to have a party, dress up in costume, or go trick-or-treating. While the dark makes Halloween night extra spooky, if you have a hearing loss it can be a challenging night of the year.

Hearing loss shouldn’t hold you back. To help you make the most out of your All Hallow’s Eve, we’ve put together our Halloween tips for healthy ears.

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Stay in well lit areas and with a group when possible.
  • Agree upon a designated meeting space, in case anyone from your group gets separated.
  • Carry a flashlight with you, and don’t forget to pack some spare batteries. Not only will this help you light your way, it can help with lip reading and signing too. Remember, turn the flashlight on before leaving home to make sure it’s working.
  • You may want to look into wearing high-viz or reflective clothing. You may also want to look at wearing a neon badge to inform others that you are deaf/hard of hearing.
  • If you’re planning on going as someone in costume, choose one that doesn’t restrict your vision or your hearing. Removable masks make it easier to speak and hear when necessary. Avoid clothing that trails or billows as you walk, who needs the extra trip hazard!
  • It’s always advisable to plan your route in advance. Only approach homes that are well lit. Keep an eye out for trip hazards as you approach.

Hearing Loss Safety Tips

Now that we’ve covered the general Halloween safety tips, let’s look at what you can do to enjoy Halloween with a hearing loss.

  • Halloween night can be cold! Low temperatures can cause your hearing aid batteries to drain. Bring along a spare set of hearing aid batteries just in case.
  • Keep your ears warm and dry to help reduce your risk of an ear infection. Warm ears will benefit from adequate blood circulation. Cold air can cause your veins to restrict, resulting in less blood circulation. When you combine this with the increased chance of trapped moisture that comes with dewy evenings, the risks of an ear infection rise. Left untreated, some ear infections could also cause hearing loss.
  • If you’re planning on boogying the night away in a loud dance club, bring along hearing protection. Excessive noise can threaten your hearing, but it can also have other effects on your health.
  • Smoke can irritate your ears, and could exacerbate tinnitus symptoms. If you’ll be attending a bonfire, stay back to avoid the smoke.
  • Give yourself regular breaks, especially if you’re in loud environments. Concentrating on conversations can be more tiring than you realize. Take 5 minutes in a quiet environment to let your ears (and brain!) reset.

Halloween should be fun for everyone involved. If you have an “ear-ie” feeling that your hearing may have changed, why not book an appointment with the Family Audiology team? We’d be happy to book you a hearing assessment and establish your baseline hearing. Call us today on 607-323-4061. Alternatively, click here to book a consultation with us online.

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