Hearing & the Holidays

The holidays are a joyful and sharing time of year.  Don’t let added communication demands and hearing loss keep you from the merriment.

Many people find their schedules filled with holiday shopping, traveling, and activities around this time of year.  To prevent hearing difficulty from dampening your holiday spirits, be mindful about your hearing health and devices.

Keep these simple tips in mind when considering your hearing this holiday season-

Communicate with others about your hearing loss.

Making your friends and family aware of your hearing loss gives them the opportunity to help.  Simply requesting clear speech and controlling background noise can significantly improve your ability to participate in interactions with others.

Don’t let yourself withdraw from the conversation without asking for some help first. Remind those around your of good communication habits, such as speaking face-to-face at a reasonable volume.  People can forget this in busy environments; it just takes a gentle reminder sometimes.

Take listening breaks if you need to.

Listening with hearing loss requires extra effort, even with hearing aids.  If you begin to feel fatigued, take some time to relax and reenergize.  Spending some time in a quiet area can help you recover from long periods of active listening, so be sure to check yourself periodically and take breaks if you’re feeling drained.

Have your supplies ready.

Especially if traveling away from home, make sure you have extras of any supplies you may need to care for and maintain your hearing aids.

  • Bring extra batteries
  • Pack your cleaning tools
  • Bring your storage case so nothing gets lost or damaged when away from home
  • Bring any accessories you may want to utilize (charger, streamer, remote, etc)
  • Consider bringing a power strip if you’ll need extra outlets

Make your own accommodations.

Do what you can to maximize your chances at hearing well.  Try to engage at the time of day when you’re hearing your best. If you have a ‘better’ side, favor it.  Position yourself away from background noise if possible.  Don’t be shy about asking for help from others.

Make sure you know what you can do to adjust your hearing aids.  If you have push buttons for programs, know what each setting is programmed for.  Make sure you know how to change the volume if needed.  If you have any hearing aid accessories, review their use with your provider, and make sure they’re connected and charged before you head to your holiday events.

Remember that the holidays should be a joyous time for all.

If you follow these easy tips and arrive prepared, you’ll appreciate your holiday season even more this year.  We at Family Audiology wish you all the best this season and beyond!

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