How Hearing Aids Help Your Relationship

Hearing loss affects communication, which is one of the core skills needed to maintain a good relationship. Many people with hearing loss do not seek treatment right away and often it’s not only the hearing loss that gets worse without treatment. Relationships can suffer as well. Hearing aids are the primary treatment for hearing loss and they can help you communicate well again. Since August is National Romance Awareness Month, we wanted to show how hearing aids help your relationship.

The Unromantic Truth About Hearing Loss and Relationships

As little as 1 in 4 people who have hearing loss choose to get fitted with the hearing aids that would help them (source). The ASHA Leader published a study where 35% of participants said their relationship with their significant other suffered the most out of all relationships. The Beattie Group published a study with statistics that illustrate how hearing loss negatively impacts relationships.

  • 44% said that relationships with their partner, friends, or family suffered because they can't hear properly.
  • 34% lost touch with friends, and in some cases, had seen marriages fall apart due to communications breaking down because of hearing loss.
  • 69% said their hearing loss seriously hinders their ability to take part in everyday conversations with friends and family.
  • 52% of those surveyed said they feel left out and ignored in social situations.

4 Ways Hearing Aids Help Your Relationship

Communicating with your significant other is challenging enough without hearing loss. Once you get the hearing aids in place, you will notice how much better your relationship can be.

  1. Better Communication. No more asking “what” all the time. No misunderstandings or lack of communicating for fear of not hearing properly.
  2. Social Interactions Can be Fun Again. Many people with hearing loss will end up avoiding social situations because it is hard to hear. Hearing aids erase that problem and make parties, social gatherings, movies, and restaurants all enjoyable again.
  3. Independence is Restored. Hearing loss makes you rely on others which can be a problem in relationships since there is a solution available. Relationships have a weight lifted for both people when that burden of dependence is removed.
  4. When Barriers are Removed, Intimacy Thrives. When barriers in communication and dependence are removed, then it is easier to be more relaxed and intimate.



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