Jobs That Need Hearing Protection

October is National Hearing Protection Month! To honor this important awareness campaign, we are talking about the different jobs where you need hearing protection. Exposure to loud noise can be damaging to the ears, whether for long periods in somewhat loud levels or short episodes of very loud sound. So, hearing protection is a necessity to prevent permanent hearing loss. Do you know how loud is too loud for your ears?

How Loud is Too Loud?

You may not realize how loud some environments really are, especially when you are exposed to loud noise for an extended period of time while on the job. The National Institute of Health says that noise levels at or above 85 decibels can put you at risk for noise-induced hearing loss, especially if the noise lasts for a long time. 85 decibels can be how loud it is in a crowded, noisy classroom or a busy restaurant or bar. Most places that can leave your ears ringing afterward are too loud and potentially harmful to your hearing.

10 Noisy Jobs that Require Hearing Protection

OSHA has regulations in place that protect employees from hearing loss and require employers to provide access to hearing protection. If you have any of these jobs, make sure that you have hearing protection items and use them when appropriate:

  1. Airport tarmac worker
  2. Construction worker
  3. Factory worker
  4. Lawn maintenance
  5. Motorcycle courier
  6. Gun range employee
  7. Military
  8. Drummer or musician
  9. Concert event staff
  10. Night club employees

There are many other professions that may involve incidental exposure to high noise, for example hairdressers and dentists often use equipment that reaches damaging noise levels. It is prudent to consider the environment in which you work and the equipment that you use to make sure you’re being safe. There are several smartphone apps that allow you to measure noise levels in your environment and determine your risk for damage. It’s smart to discuss any such concerns with your hearing care professional; they can provide excellent advise on what hearing protection products are best for you.

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