How to Listen to Music With Hearing Aids

Music is an important part of many people’s lives, and one they don’t want to lose with diminished hearing.

The good news is that they don’t have to.

At least not anymore.

The older variety of hearing aids were built on an analog basis. That means all they basically did was make everything louder. Louder isn’t always better, and while it made the hearing of music, background noise and everything else easier to hear, it didn’t make it a pleasant experience.

If this is the only option, it’s of course, better than nothing. But now, you’ve got options.

These days, hearing aids are specifically designed to deal with the complexities of human speech. Which is a vast improvement over the basic analog option. Human speech, however is not even remotely as complex as the frequencies that musical instruments are capable of creating.

“Unlike speech, to fully appreciate musical selections, it is necessary to preserve the original intensity balance between the lower and the higher frequencies. If a hearing aid reproduces too many, or too few, low or high frequencies this balance will be distorted. The music has to sound as it was performed, or as close to that as possible.”  -

This means that even though it’s preferable to an analog hearing aid, you still need to be aware that not every hearing device is well-suited to deliver high-quality music.

If music is vital to your life, we have good news.

Many hearing aid models have advanced capabilities that are designed specifically to deliver a high quality musical experience.

One of the better solutions is a multi-program device with memory for each program. This allows you to have a program totally devoted only to music. A quick switch of programs allows you to experience music on deeper level without requiring constant recalibration.

Other options include models that use either T-Coil or bluetooth technology to deliver  music (and other audio feeds) right to your hearing aid.

The vital human element of hearing aids

This is where professional expertise comes in. When you work with an experienced hearing professional, we can tailor the hearing aid experience to your needs. If that means enjoying music, we are happy to help with the selection  fitting and programming process.

Want to improve the way you currently hear music?

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