Most Common Ways People Lose Their Hearing Aids

If it’s never happened to you, it may seem unlikely that you would misplace your hearing aid. But the truth is it’s a common occurrence, just like losing our keys, remotes, eyeglasses or phone. In fact, on average we lose 2.5 days each year looking for items like these. Even though your hearing aid is valuable in many ways, it can be easy to become complacent about it.

We want you to make the most out of your valuable investment. That’s why we’re looking at the most common ways people lose their hearing aids, so you can avoid it happening to you! 

Most Common Ways People Lose Their Hearing Aids

  1. The most common way that people lose their hearing aids is a “ruff” one. That’s right, our canine friends are a top contender. Be careful to not leave your hearing aids on a side table or counter where your curious pet can reach and proceed to chew them up.
  2. Taking off your hearing aid while doing a quick chore, like the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, may make sense. But it’s all too easy to forget that you’ve taken them off, and end up knocking them off the counter or the side of the sink.
  3. Placing a hearing aid in a pocket or loose in a handbag could be a bad move. There’s the potential for you to remove something from your pocket or bag and inadvertently drop your device out onto the ground- which you may or may not notice.
  4. Another example is a lady who placed hers onto a side table while reading and enjoying some peanuts from a bowl. The enjoyment was cut short when she accidentally ended up crunching her hearing aid.

Keep in mind that batteries are also a concern, as they are so small they are easily chewed or swallowed by pets. If you suspect a child may have swallowed one contact the National Battery Ingestion Hotline at 800-498-8666.

What Should You Do If You’ve Lost Your Hearing Aid?

If you lost a hearing aid, get in touch with the hearing care professionals at Family Audiology today. We can check to see if your hearing aid is covered under warranty for repair or replacement.

We would advise that if you lost your device at home, allow up to 1 week before replacing it. If, however, you were out and about when you lost it, it is usually best to arrange a replacement ASAP. The team at Family Audiology would be happy to ensure that you are fitted with the right device for your lifestyle.

Tips To Prevent Losing Your Hearing Aid

  • Wear your hearing aid during the day; you are less likely to lose it from your ear. If you are going to be active, consider a product such as the Oto Clip.
  • Keep a hearing aid storage box on your person so that if you need to remove your hearing aid for a short while you can put it somewhere safe and dry.
  • Certain hearing aids may be compatible with smart devices. Make sure your aids are paired properly, and utilize bluetooth search function from your smartphone app to find them.

We recommend that you develop a routine for your hearing aid of regular maintenance and safe storage. We want to help you protect your investment and your hearing so if you have any queries please call 607-323-4061 or click here to book a consultation.

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