Hearing Aid Adjustment Period

After months and maybe even years of hearing loss, you’ve finally made the jump and went to see a hearing care professional. Well done!

You had an assessment, and after listening to your story and analyzing the data, your hearing care professional made a recommendation for you - and now you have your first pair of hearing aids.

Still a little unsure what to expect? Unclear on how long to wear them at first? We’ve got answers for you.

Should I wear them all day, right from the start?

We can understand to go from not hearing much, to suddenly hearing everything can be jarring.  Additionally, wearing something in your ears all the time, can be bothersome at first to some people.

If you can’t tolerate a full days use from the start, we recommend wearing them for a few hours at first., increasing a little more everyday until you are at the point that you are wearing them all the time.

Should I sleep in them? Shower in them?

This is a no. You should not sleep in your hearing aids. Take them out and charge them if they are rechargeable. Put them in a safe, dry place - NOT the refrigerator.

Also, take them out every time you shower. The tiny mechanics of hearing aids can be severely damaged by moisture. You do not want them to get wet.

Do I need to change the battery?

That depends on the model you have. Your hearing care professional can instruct you on how to take maintain your devices.

Expect to hear things you haven’t heard for awhile.

If it’s been years since you heard well, be prepared to be shocked by all the things you hear now.

From birds singing, to the chime of a doorbell - all the new sounds might be overwhelming at first - but you will get used to them.

Hearing Loss is common, but the only way you can deal with your hearing loss is determining what type you are experiencing and talk to a hearing care professional about the next steps.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of certified hearing care professionals at Family Audiology.