What is Binaural Hearing?

What is binaural hearing? Binaural translates to “having or relating to two ears”. Binaural hearing means using both ears to hear. When it comes to our hearing, two ears really are better than one. The reason for this is because we need to use both ears to hear better and determine the origin of sounds. Read on to learn about the benefits of binaural hearing.

Benefits of Binaural Hearing Features in Hearing Aids

Our hearing process has been designed to use both ears. When hearing is lost, it usually is more profound in one ear. That is where binaural hearing aids come in. This is why hearing aids are usually still recommended for both ears, it mimics the binaural hearing and helps the your ears work in conjunction like they were intended. There are many benefits of binaural hearing in hearing aids including:

  1. Enhanced sound localization.
  2. Better perception of speech, even when there are background noises present.
  3. It is easier to listen and hear the way we naturally do.
  4. Improved phone conversations with hearing aids.
  5. Helps you to be more confident about hearing in all situations.
  6. Control over your hearing aids thanks to ear-to-ear functionality.
  7. Increased brain power for processing and interpreting sounds. When sound enters your left ear, it is processed on the right side of your brain; conversely sounds that enter your right ear are processed on the left side of your brain.
  8. Less amplification is required when you wear two hearing aids vs. one.

If binaural hearing is not corrected with two hearing aids, your brain can have difficulty processing sounds. It can result in discomfort and fatigue. Think of it as similar to how depth perception is lost when you can’t see out of one eye. Recent improvements in hearing aids have made it possible for two hearing aids to work together, the same way our ears do naturally.

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