Hearing Assessment

Do you suffer from hearing loss and would like to get a hearing assessment? The hearing care professionals at Family Audiology offer hearing assessments for both children and adults.

What To Expect at Your First Visit

We always begin with a conversation that addresses your concerns and medical history. Then our hearing care professionals will inspect your ears, check for earwax (also known as cerumen) and for any foreign objects. We will then continue with a thorough assessment of your hearing.

Most hearing loss is not due to injury or physical issues, but damage to the hairs on your inner ear caused by noise exposure. This hearing loss, called sensorineural loss, is often treated by wearing hearing aids. Your hearing assessment results may be recorded on an audiogram. We use several ways to assess your hearing – and our team will explain every step of the way, as well as discuss the results.

Your hearing assessment results will be recorded on a graph called an audiogram. If the audiological evaluation indicates that you need certain medical intervention, the audiologist may refer you to a physician.

Depending on the findings, we may fit you for hearing aids or let you try samples. There is no pressure to purchase any device. We want to build a partnership with you and our goal is to make sure you hear well again.


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