Hearing Aid Accessories

Fifty years ago, even twenty years ago, hearing aids were just hearing aids. They basically amplified sound to help you hear better.

These days though, they are SO much more than that.

Hearing aids don’t just amplify. They cancel extraneous noise, they are programmable, they are adaptable. They are sleek, discreet and innovative.

And the best thing about them is...they work in tandem with some really cool gadgets and accessories that make your life a whole lot easier.

Hearing Aid / Battery Chargers

If your batteries or hearing aid is rechargeable, then you will need a battery charger or hearing aid charger.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Supplies

Regular cleaning and routine maintenance will protect the investment you have made in your hearing aids.

Alerting Devices

Do you have trouble with sleeping through alarms? Or are you worried that you might sleep through a smoke detector or a bad storm?

Alerting devices aren’t just an alarm clock. They use vibration and lights to wake you up, or let you know something is wrong - fire or weather related. This kind of device is invaluable.

Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers

If you live in a humid climate, spend lots of time outdoors, or perspire more than average, you might be exposing your hearing aids to moisture that can damage them. A dehumidifier or dry and store unit will help prolong the life of your hearing aids.

Captioned Telephones

Phone calls can be hard, even with hearing aids.

Phones that caption are a great option to make that a little easier. You can also get phones that amplify sound, or devices that bluetooth the call directly into your hearing aid.

Personal Amplification Devices

Even with hearing aids, some environments are hard to hear in.

Personal amplification devices can enhance listening by amplifying things that are near you, and canceling out background sound. The difference this makes is remarkable.

You won’t need to crank up the television anymore.

Whether you get a personal amplifier, a soundbox that sits near you, or a you use your smartphone to amplify right to your hearing aid, your television can stay at a moderate level AND you can still hear it.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphones make all the difference.

If you have a smartphone and the right hearing aid, you have access to a library of apps that can change the way you live. If you can think of a problem that a person with hearing aids might encounter...there’s an app for that.

TapTap is a notifier app. It can alert you to emergencies or someone at the door.

Captionfish or other captioning apps allow you to see the dialogue of movies and television to make it a little easier to enjoy the film.

The point is, you don’t have to worry about missing things just because you experience hearing loss.

If you would like to speak with one of our experienced hearing care professionals and learn more about the different hearing aid accessories that are available, please contact us today or schedule an appointment at HearingLife (formerly Family Audiology). We are here to help you with all your hearing needs.

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