Custom Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears from damage is an important aspect of your overall hearing health. Since noise-induced hearing loss continues to be an increasing problem, it’s important for us to talk about how to prevent it from happening. Many people don’t recognize that hearing loss can occur from one incident or as a result of ongoing exposure to noise that you may not recognize is too loud. We are often thought of only a place where we help with hearing loss or hearing aids; but, we also can help recommend custom hearing protection for your specific needs to protect you from damaging your hearing due to noise exposure.

When Do You Need to Protect Your Hearing?

Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss; however with the right hearing protection it can be prevented. One of the reasons noise-induced hearing loss is so common is that most people don’t know when they need to protect their hearing. Here are four common examples of instances when you should protect your ears:

  1. Exposure to loud machinery and other noises at work.
  2. Loud power tools or machinery such as a lawn mower, electric saw, etc.
  3. Music concerts.
  4. Loud, explosive noises such as gun fire, fireworks or explosions.

3 Types of Custom Hearing Protection

We are here to help ensure you have the right hearing protection customized for your needs. The factors we take into consideration when recommending hearing protection is a combination of the type of noise you are exposed to as well as the size and shape of your ears. Here are 3 types of custom hearing protection available:

  1. Industrial Safety Hearing Protection: This type of hearing protection is designed for people who are exposed to aircraft engines, power tools, and other loud machinery at work. They require hearing protection to prevent noise-induced hearing loss on the job. Whether the noises on the job are bursts of extremely loud events or continuous droning sounds, you will need to be prepared with hearing protection.This can even be applicable to some “jobs” that you do at home. Lawn mowers and power tools, etc. that you use at home still requires you to protect your ears from damage.
  2. Digital Hearing Protection: One of the reasons many gun enthusiasts, and especially hunters don’t wear hearing protection is because they fear it might make them miss out on what they need to hear when hunting. However, new digital technology has been applied to hearing protection. These types of digital hearing protection are designed to allow hunters to hear clearly but activate protection when the gun is fired.
  3. Recreational Hearing Protection: Riding motorcycles, attending concerts, and sporting events can cause noise-induced hearing loss. Ask us about how to protect your ears during any and all of your extracurricular activities.

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