FREE Hearing Loss & Hearing Aid Checklist

When you wear a hearing aid and are dealing with hearing loss, there are steps you can take to ensure that you can hear and communicate as best as possible. Rather than just accepting your surroundings as is, there are things you can do to help you hear better in your surroundings. Here is a free checklist for hearing loss and hearing aids to help you hear better in your environment.

  • When having conversations with family and friends, choose a room that is smaller with better acoustics and less reverberation.
  • Sit close to those you are speaking to and face them so that you can see them and communicate better.
  • If possible, change your flooring and decor to carpeting and drapes, which help with acoustics much better than tiles and hardwood floors, glass windows, etc.
  • Limit background noises in your home including radios, television, etc. when you are conversing.
  • When choosing a room consider other noise distractions that you might have less control over such as a noisy street with traffic, the air conditioning, etc.
  • Lighting is an important thing to consider since you might be relying more heavily on your vision to help queue you into what is being said. Gestures and facial expressions can give you clues to fill in areas your hearing might miss. Lighting also helps if you are reading lips or using sign language.
  • Always be upfront about your hearing loss, this will let your loved ones know to speak louder and clearly.
  • Tell others what else they can do to help you hear and communicate better.
  • Before having guests over or meeting with them, ensure that your hearing aids are working optimally and that your batteries are new or newly charged.

Remember, hearing loss is common, but the only way you can deal with your hearing loss is determining what type you are experiencing and talk to a hearing care professional about the next steps.

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