Types of Hearing Aids

As technology advances, so do hearing aids. Here is a list of the various different types of hearing aids we have available. Different hearing aids suit different hearing needs and are also customized to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for invisibility or robust sound and integrated hearing technology solutions, we have the right solution for you. We will match you with your perfect hearing aid

Behind the Ear (BTE)

Even though this may seem like it is an “old-fashioned” style hearing aid, modern technology and advances in electronics have made these smaller in size than you may remember your parents or grandparents wearing. The inner piece is custom molded to fit your ear and a thin, clear plastic tube connects the device behind your ear to the hearing device inside the ear canal. Most BTE hearing devices offer features like advanced directional microphones which allow you to hear conversations better in noisy situations.

Receiver in the Ear (RITE)

RITE hearing aids are the most common types of hearing aids worn today. These have the receiver inside the ear canal rather than behind the ear so the part behind the ear is much smaller. The receiver is like a tiny speaker so it allows for crisp, clear sound directly in the ear canal. The device behind the ear is connected to the receiver in the ear by a thin, clear wire. It is almost invisible, which is why it is so popular.

In the Ear

In the ear hearing aids are not completely hidden, but they are still not easily seen. We recommend them for most types of hearing loss. The lightweight plastic shell makes this type of hearing aid comfortable and simple to put in and take out. Since they are slightly larger in size, they have more features available including controls that allow your hearing aid to adjust to the listening environment you are in.

In the Canal (ITC)

This type of hearing aid is completely camouflaged in the ear with a small plastic retrieval line to help you take it out. It sits in the concha, which is also known as the bowl of the ear. We recommend this type of hearing aid for all levels of hearing loss except for those with the most profound hearing loss. Since they are hidden in the ear canal, wind noise is almost completely eliminated. It has a feature that allows it to automatically adjust for different volumes and different environments.

Invisible in the Canal

This is a custom build style that fits inside your ear canal and remains almost completely invisible. Insertion and removal of these types of hearing aids are very easy. Wind and other similar types of outside noises are not a factor since they are inside the canal.

Completely in the Canal

This type of hearing aid is completely hidden in the ear canal so it is almost completely undetectable. It is most often used for treating mild to moderate levels of hearing loss. This type of hearing aid also prevents distracting wind noise and other environmental sounds.

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