Hearing Aid Repairs

Chances are your hearing aids will need repair or service at some point. Afterall, they are delicate and intricate technological devices that are made of many small working parts. Regular maintenance and care can help keep your hearing aids out of the repair shop, but it is good to be aware that they might need the occasional repair. We have developed this handy guide to help you treat your hearing aids right while still understanding when you should bring them in for a professional repair.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Your hearing aids quickly become an important part of your life when they help you hear and communicate. Therefore, you will want to know how to keep them in their best working order. Proper maintenance and care can extend the life of your hearing aids and can help keep them from needing repairs too often. You can read about all of our hearing aid maintenance tips in our complete guide; here are our top 5 tips for hearing aid maintenance:

  1. Keep your hearing aids clean and dry.
  2. Don’t expose your hearing aids to water, chemicals or hair products.
  3. Store your hearing aids in a safe place when not using them.
  4. Don’t expose your hearing aids to extreme temperatures.
  5. Follow the instructions that came with your hearing aids and listen to the directions from your hearing care professional.

When to Bring Your Hearing Aids in for Repairs

If your hearing aids aren’t working right, you can definitely notice the difference, so you will want to keep them working right for you. If there is a problem, it doesn’t always require a big repair job. In some cases they might just need a quick adjustment, re-calibration, or re-molding. Here is how to know if you should call us to schedule a repair:

  • Do you see visible damage?
  • Is it whistling or making feedback noises?
  • Is it no longer fitting correctly?
  • Is the tubing or wires disconnected?

If you have gone through our checklist and can answer yes to one of the questions in our list, call us right away and schedule a repair appointment. The sooner you address the problem with your hearing aid, the better. We want to get you back to hearing faster; plus, some issues can get worse when left untreated.

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