Tips for Adjusting to Hearing Aids

If you are new to wearing hearing aids, you may not be fully aware of the time and effort it can take to adjust to them. The first few days of use in particular are very important. We would like to take the time to share some tips that will help you make the transition, and hopefully encourage you to continue using your hearing aid devices.

Take Your Time

Hearing aids are best worn all day and taken out at night. But if you are new to wearing them, we recommend that you gradually build up to wearing them all day. Start with just a few hours at a time. Just like getting used to a new pair of glasses, at first they may be uncomfortable!

Start Off In Quiet Environments

It can be tiring work for your brain to process all the extra sounds that you can hear again. At times, you may feel overwhelmed. Know that this is normal and only temporary; you will adjust to it all.

Start off wearing your device in quieter places, and build up to noisier environments. In the beginning even quiet sounds may seem very loud and background noises will be difficult to ignore. Your brain will get used to filtering out these sounds as it makes new sensory connections with your auditory system. It just takes a little time.


Try to avoid touching the volume on your hearing aids once it has been set. Even if you feel that things are a little loud, it’s your brain adjusting to your new baseline hearing. Follow steps to reduce or adjust to loud sounds, such as moving away from the source of the noise or turning down the volume on the television / music.

Listening Skills

Try listening games or exercises, even board games - ask friends and family to help. A great listening game to try is to sit in a room and close your eyes. Ask your family members to make a sound (whether it’s talking, moving something, anything that will make a sound). Try to work out what direction the sound is coming from. This will help to retrain your brain to identify the source and type of sounds that surround you.

To speed up the adjustment time for your brain - try adding visual stimulus, it helps connect sound and language together.

  • Practice watching a film/ television with closed captions on.
  • Try reading a book whilst listening to the audio version or read aloud to yourself. (This will also help you get used to the sound of your own voice)
  • Read the lyrics to a song whilst listening to it.

Be Proactive

Keep a hearing journal, this will highlight your progress (useful on challenging days) and helps at review appointments.

Above all please be patient. Using your hearing aids can and will improve the quality of your life and your general well-being.

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