Tips for Using Hearing Aids at the Gym

Working out at the gym helps you take care of your health and well-being, but you may not think about how you could damage your hearing aids while exercising if you aren’t careful. Don’t worry, there’s no need to change your routine and this isn’t a reason to skip the gym. We have some helpful tips for using your hearing aids at the gym or during any type of exercising.

How to Protect Your Hearing Aids While You Work Out

Whether you have an easy workout or a vigorous training session, there are precautions that you can take to protect your hearing aids while exercising. Here are 5 tips for protecting your hearing aids while at the gym:

  1. Keep your hearing aids in place. If you participate in an exercise like running on the treadmill, aerobics, or other sports, you want to make sure that your hearing aids won’t fall out during these types of activities. You can wear a snug fitting headband or hat that will hold them in place. There are also hearing aid clips that are specifically made for active individuals, this prevents your hearing aid from falling and hitting the floor or getting lost or stepped on.
  2. Protect your hearing aids from sweat. Sweat is another culprit that can damage your hearing aids when you are exercising. Water and hearing aids just don’t mix. Even if you have hearing aids that are water resistant or waterproof, these precautions can help keep them working optimally and extend their life. Learn more about water resistant and waterproof hearing aids here. You can choose to wear a sweatband to prevent sweat from getting into your ears and hearing aid. There are also specific sweat covers that are made to protect hearing aids.
  3. Clean and dry your hearing aids after your workout. Even if you have taken the precautions above to protect your hearing aids, still check them after you are done with your workout. Use the soft, dry cloth from your hearing aid cleaning kit to dry them off and make sure no moisture got inside of them. If sweat or any moisture did get inside, dry them off and let them air out, leaving them open. Consider using a hearing aid drying unit for storage to keep the aids in optimal condition.
  4. Inspect your hearing aids regularly. Make sure that any tubing or wires have not come loose and that all of the pieces are intact.
  5. Come in to HearingLife (formerly HearingLife (formerly Family Audiology)) for regular hearing aid checkups. Maintain your regularly scheduled appointments with us so that we can make sure your hearing aids are in proper working condition and still in tune to all of your specific hearing needs. If your hearing aids need any attention or you have a concern in between appointments, just give us a call so that we can help you determine if you should come in sooner.

We encourage you to make accommodations to continue wearing your hearing aids at the gym. Your hearing aids help you hear and communicate in every situation and the gym or working out is no exception. Without them in, you can miss out on instructions from gym employees or communicating with your workout partners. So keep them in and follow our tips, and you should have no problem using your hearing aids while working out at the gym or any setting for that matter.

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