Why are Regular Hearing Assessments Important for Hearing Aid Wearers?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who wears a hearing aid device? If you have hearing loss, your hearing healthcare specialists may recommend using hearing aids.

Using hearing aids can help improve your quality of life. They can provide access to sounds you would otherwise be missing. The impact can be quite astounding!

If you wear hearing aids, you may believe you no longer need regular hearing assessments. In fact, the opposite is true. Regular hearing assessments are important if you wear hearing aids.

You should be getting a hearing assessment on an annual basis. Just like your vision is checked once a year, so should be your hearing. 

Why Are Regular Hearing Assessments Important for Hearing Aid Wearers?

If you wear hearing aids, there are a few reasons you should have regular hearing assessments. These include:

Servicing Your Hearing Aid Devices

Hearing aids are small, intricate devices. You should be carrying out regular maintenance of your hearing aid devices at home. However, at times you may need professional help. Getting your hearing healthcare specialist to clean and check your devices can keep them in good working order for longer.

Changes to Your Hearing

Your hearing healthcare specialists will know what your baseline hearing is. This means they will be able to detect any changes to your hearing. Often, you may not realize that your hearing has changed. Regular hearing assessments will allow any changes to be detected earlier. This helps reduce the potential impact of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Device Adjustments

Hearing aids should be fit to your lifestyle. But sometimes, you may need adjustments to the device. This could be adjustments to the volume levels, or other adjustments. Your hearing healthcare specialists will be able to make any necessary adjustments at your regular appointment.

Signs that your hearing aids need an adjustment can include:

  • Changes to your hearing
  • Varying listening environments
  • Increase in use of manual controls (volume changes)
  • Whistling / feedback
  • Pain or discomfort in / around your ear
  • Addition of compatible devices (ie. smartphone)

Hearing Aid Upgrade

There may come a time where you want to upgrade or change your device. Hearing aids are an evolving technology. New devices are increasingly discreet and offer more features or capabilities. During your hearing assessment, you may want to explore a hearing aid upgrade.

Maintaining Your Hearing Aid Between Assessments

You can help keep your hearing aid devices in good working order by practicing simple at-home maintenance tips.

  • Perform routine care / replace disposable parts periodically (domes, filters, etc.)
  • Keep your hearing aids clean and dry.
  • Don’t expose your hearing aids to water, chemicals or hair products.
  • Store your hearing aids in a safe place when not using them.
  • Don’t expose your hearing aids to extreme temperatures.
  • Follow the instructions that came with your hearing aids and listen to the directions from your hearing care professional.

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